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Sesame oil  

makes a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. Distitively sweet and nutty in aroma, it is light yellow in color. Also known as gingelly oil and til oil, Sesame oil boasts of its distinctive fragrance. Consistency wise, it is neither too thin nor too thick. Rich in Vitamin E and B complex, it is extremely beneficial for health. It also has a high content of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. To know about the uses and health benefits of Sesame oil, read on…

Some people find the fragrance of Sesame oil a bit strong; therefore, it is usually mixed with some other base oil such as Almond oil or Grape seed oil to make its aroma lighter. Sesame oil massage works wonders in relieving tiredness of the body. It is known to possess soothing and tranquilizing properties. It also plays the role of sun blocker, thereby preventing the skin from being tanned or destroyed by the harmful Ultraviolet rays. The irony is that, despite its sun screening properties; its use in the making of sun screen lotions is not preferred.

Sesame oil is an excellent emollient and is beneficial in alleviating tension and stress. It has been observed that people suffering from the problem of hypertension are usually prone to anxiety, poor circulation, nerve and bone disorders. Thus, Sesame oil application protects the body from various disorders associated with nervous system. It also keeps away the problem of insomnia and mental fatigue. Sesame oil is an energy rejuvenator, thus is the best remedy for the tired and aching body. It also helps in treating blurred vision


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