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Arugula oil

Egyptian Eruca Sativa is originally European Rucula plant. 
These two plants are itself in the stature and appearance very similarly, only the taste of the Egyptian plant is more intensive. The Egyptian name reads Gargier.
Always in Egypt the bridegroom is fed on the wedding day with very much Gargier, in order to be able to stand at the wedding night its man.
The Eruca Sativa oil is power-strengthening and very good for the hair.
It is also a very good-tasting salad oil.
It is outwardly and internally applicable.
- Income recommendation:
- for power problems: 3 tbl spoons on the day take distributed
- with hair loss: 2tbl spoons on the day take and as often rub as possible the hair in with it and as packing to influence leave.
- With dry hair: as often as possible one packing with the oil make Use 2 EL as salad oil or after taste.
- Good appetite


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